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Message from PLANTAGE

My name is Haruko Yoshida, Representative  of PLANTAGE Co., Ltd. Thank you for visiting our website. I would like to greet you all and explain how I came to open this store.

I am still involved in pharmacy business and Kampo medical consultation as a pharmacist to consult with patients. Everyone has different concerns about their physical condition and illness. While patients tell me with a smile that their health condition is better than before, there are many who are troubled it is not getting better and often ask me for advice.

The circumstances that led to the illness may be complicated by a variety of factors, including mental things and living environment in addition to physical function problems. Today, there are many wonderfully effective remedies available, but I always feel that in order for the treatment to be fully effective, it is important to review one's daily life, rather than relying solely on medication. It is very important to improve the lifestyle itself, such as diet, exercise habits and sleep quality.

In particular, we have experienced many cases in which improving the daily diet makes it easier for the medication to be more effective. For example, lifestyle-related diseases and allergic symptoms tend to reflect dietary preferences and unconscious lifestyle habits.

It would be a waste if the medication you are taking is not effective. I not only explain how to take the medicines and their effects, but also provide information that may lead to lifestyle modification and awareness of the patient.

I am in a position to support patients because of my profession, but I also get sick sometimes. I want to be healthy all the time and I want my family, friends and all the special people around me to have a smile on their faces. I am always thinking about what I can do for people's health.

Based on my past experiences, I wondered if I could offer something that would lead to an improvement in lifestyle and health awareness, something that would be easy to incorporate into daily life. Through my experience and knowledge of western medicine as well as my study of medicinal plants and my involvement in Kampo medicine, I have commercialized an original herbal tea that combines the traditional use of western herbs with the properties of oriental plants.

Now, after 2020, we are still fighting against an infectious disease called COVID-19. Each of us is expected to think and act on our own regarding disease prevention and health care and we are now required to wash our hands, gargle and wear masks. As a result, the importance of preventive medication has been reaffirmed such as the suppression of the influenza pandemic.

Taking preventive measures before getting sick will become more of a mainstay in future healthcare. The two main pillars of this are health checkups at medical institutions and vaccines. What we can do ourselves in our daily lives is to improve our lifestyle. In today's saturated diet, it is still important to review our eating habits once again.

In addition to eating a nutritionally well-balanced diet, many people take supplements and other healthy foods. There are various types of supplements, including those containing vitamins, minerals and other ingredients as well as those containing plant extracts.

Herbal tea is one example of a product that makes use of plant extracts. Herb tea is not a medicine in Japan, so it cannot be interpreted from a therapeutic angle, but we believe that incorporating nature's blessings into our daily lives is one way to become more conscious of healthy living.

We offer products made with care so that you can feel the life force of plants that bring stability and harmony.

Representative of PLANTAGE Co., Ltd.
Pharmasict / Chinese medical practitioner
Haruko Yoshida