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Quality of raw materials

At PLANTAGE, we only use ingredients that have undergone thorough safety measures and quality control so that everyone can enjoy our products with peace of mind.


[About herbal tea]

We use herbs from specialized trading companies that purchase high-quality ingredients from Europe's largest herb maker and excellent suppliers around the world.

Safety measure

Since herbs are agricultural products produced in nature, it is difficult to maintain a certain level of quality due to poor harvests due to the effects of weather. Our herbal teas use high-quality herbs imported from Germany and other suitable crops around the world. We carry out various inspections according to the raw materials in imported sample inspections, and manufacture products using only safe raw materials based on Japanese standards. For residual pesticide inspection, inspection based on the positive list system in Japan is adopted.

* What is the positive list system:
In 2006, it is a regulation for residual pesticides adopted by the revision of the Food Sanitation Law. Pesticides for which standards have not been established are also subject to regulation.

Quality management

Herbs are agricultural products produced in nature and may contain foreign substances. To remove foreign matter, we repeat multiple processes such as magnetic force, wind power, static electricity, sieving, metal detection, and visual inspection, and use herbs that have undergone more accurate raw material selection.


[About medicinal food ingredients ]

We use raw materials procured from herbal medicine manufacturers who strictly control the quality of agricultural products such as herbal medicines and herbs.

Safety measure

Based on our many years of experience in dealing with herbal medicines and herbs, as well as our physicochemical quality evaluations, we select production areas and varieties. We thoroughly manage safety through residual agricultural chemical tests. Based on the concept of traceability, we implement seed and seedling management, cultivation management, and processing management. We strive to supply stable quality.

Quality management

Since herbal medicines and herbs are natural products, there is a possibility of contamination with various foreign substances. We use various sorting equipment, and finally visually (manual sorting) remove foreign matter that cannot be removed even by the equipment. In addition, as a countermeasure against contamination by microorganisms hidden in the soil and air, some raw materials are sterilized with high-pressure steam.