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Comments from the monitor judges

On Japan's largest order information site " Otoriyose Net ",
Ranked No. 1 in the "drink" ranking !
(Data collection period: August 17-23, 2021)
We would like to introduce the valuable impressions we received from the monitor judges.
★ Relax and refresh yourself with fragrant herbs♪ (Female, 30s)

Hibiscus is in it, and when you boil it, it's very colorful and makes you feel good! The freshness of peppermint and the tartness of lemon balm combine to wake you up in the morning. It is also recommended when you want to clear your head, such as between work. It's the perfect herbal tea for summer that you can enjoy with cold water!

The lavender and chamomile scents are well blended without quarreling. Lemon balm leaves a refreshing aftertaste, so you won't feel the heavy aftertaste of lavender. It's perfect for relaxing between work or before bedtime when you're tired from desk work.

It's my favourite! The petals dancing in the teapot are very nice and fragrant. At first, I was worried that Rose and Lavender would fight, but I don't feel that way at all. It has a sour taste of lemon balm, and you can enjoy it refreshing even with cold water. Recommended hot or iced.

Following No.1 FRESH GREEN, this also has a very refreshing taste. I felt that it was very easy to drink without any habit among herbal teas. It contains less peppermint than FRESH GREEN, but the lemongrass and tangerine peel give it a refreshing and sour taste. I think you can also drink this with cold water on your body that is flushed in the heat of summer.

A big hit with spice lovers like me! ! The scent of ginger and cinnamon is good, and the air-conditioned body will warm from the core. The accent lemon peel also does a good job. It's also delicious if you boil it in a thick sauce and add milk or soy milk and a little honey. I recommend this hot. It's a perfect taste for those who like chai.

Every flavor was a well-balanced combination.
Originally I liked herbal tea, but it is very nice to order assorted.
You can enjoy choosing what to drink between work or during refreshment.

The package also has a zip, so it's safe.
Although it is simple, the remaining amount is easy to understand, and it is very good because it is not bulky.
I would like to continue using it to accompany my break during desk work.

★The healing scent that spreads the moment you open the package♪ (Female, 20s)

This herbal tea is an assortment of 5 types, so you can enjoy choosing according to your mood. Also, it's a herbal tea made with carefully selected ingredients, so it seems to be very good for the body, which is a nice point.
What are your impressions after trying each flavor?

It was a bright pink tea with a refreshing peppermint scent in the sourness, and it was a very easy-to-drink flavor.

The scent of chamomile and lavender is gentle and fluffy, perfect for relaxing before going to bed.

This is also a beautiful pink tea. The scent of rose is perfect for the cute color, and it was a flavor that made me feel happy just by brewing it. Personally, this is my favorite out of the 5 types, and I recommend adding sugar or honey for sweetness!

I felt that the medicinal ingredients were used, and the herb feeling was the strongest. I enjoyed the refreshing scent of peppermint.

When opened, the spicy scent of cinnamon spreads. It also contained ginger, so it was a flavor that warmed me from the inside.

All flavors are really fragrant and you can enjoy the characteristic scent, so it is recommended for those who want to be healed by a full-fledged herbal tea!

★ Fragrant and elegant authentic herbal tea (30s, female)

I got the herb tea set that my mother-in-law and I, who like herbal tea, were looking forward to. The box contained 5 types of simple and colorful herbal teas and an explanatory pamphlet. The manual includes an explanation of each herbal tea and how to make delicious herbal tea. There is an explanation of hot and ice, and it is kind.

No.1 FRESH GREEN : The refreshing scent of peppermint and hibiscus is good for a change of mood.

No.3 MOON NIGHT : Chamomile and lavender scent create a relaxing feeling. The scent of lemon balm in the aftertaste not only made me feel relieved, but also gave me a refreshing feeling. However, some people may not like to drink the scent of lavender. I liked it the most.

No.5 ROSE BEAUTY : The elegant and gorgeous scent of rose spreads. Although it is rose main, it has a slight scent of lavender and lemon balm. Recommended when you want to be a good woman (laughs).

No.7 ACTIVE LIFE : Lemongrass and tangerine peel are effective, and it is a medicinal herb-like scent that seems to be good for the body. It feels refreshing and refreshing.

No.9 VITAL ESSENCE : Herbal tea with ginger and cinnamon to warm the body. I thought I was not good at it, but it was easy to drink, and the lemon peel, etc. worked well, and the body was warm and energized.

I received 5 types this time, and I thought it would be a recommended order, especially for women. All herbal teas are large and fragrant. The naming is also nice and there is fun to choose according to your mood and physical condition. Recommended for those who want to taste authentic herbal tea!

★I was able to refresh. (Female, 40s)

A total of 5 types of herbal tea blends have arrived.
All of them were completely different in scent and blend.
All blends were fragrant and delicious.
It smelled good when I put it on.
I was able to refresh with the scent just by putting it in.

[ Feeling refreshed blend of exhilarating mint ]
The moment you put it in, you can smell the pleasant scent of mint, so I think it's perfect for summer.
It was written that it is recommended for one cup in the morning, so I drank it in the morning.
The refreshing scent of mint refreshed my sleepy head.

[ Lavender Blend ]
I was not good at lavender tea until now, but this blend was very easy to drink. Relaxed with the scent of lavender.

[ Rose Blend ]
It was a tea with a very feminine scent. I was surprised that the scent and taste were so luxurious.

[ Lemongrass Blend ]
It smelled as refreshing as mint and was refreshing.
The taste was also delicious with a taste that could be refreshed.

[ Nettle blend ]
What surprised me the most was this blend. The oriental scent made me feel like I was in a foreign country.

★ Soothes the mind and body (30s, female)

Five herbal teas, a product introduction leaflet, and a message card from the shop were in a transparent plastic bag. In the leaflet, each effect, efficacy, recommended scenes, and delicious brewing methods are written.

The naming of 5 types of blended tea is attractive.
It seems that they are particular about original blends by pharmacists, safety of raw materials, and no additives.

The freshness spreads in your mouth, and the refreshing sensation that passes through your nose is comfortable. I want to drink it in the morning when I wake up. I think it's good when you want to change your mind or get motivated.

It smelled sweet of flowers. I felt that the taste was gentle. I thought it would be delicious if you brew it as strong as you like or add honey. I like to drink when I want to relax slowly.

Beautiful color. Just looking at the teapot made me feel happy. The fragrance is gorgeous. It also tasted sour. I thought it would be delicious with iced tea.

It has a clean and refreshing taste. I felt that the taste was the gentlest (easy to drink) among the five types. I want to brew it strong and add soy milk to drink.

The spicy taste and aroma will fill you with energy. It has a heavy taste, so I wanted to drink it in the fall and winter season.

Each blend was delicious. I think it's good to have the fun of choosing according to your mood and scene.

* Excerpt from reviews posted on “Otoriyose Net”

Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.