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customer's voice

Thank you for your continued patronage of Plantage. We are posting some of the warm messages and impressions we receive from our customers. Thank you for your continued support.

Set of 5 herbal tea blends

This herbal tea is delicious! I drank all 5 types. They all have different flavors, so it's fun to choose which one to try today♪ The taste and aroma are very good, and I think it's the most delicious herbal tea I've ever had. It seems to be blended by a pharmacist who is familiar with Chinese medicine, so you can expect various effects. (Herb maniac)


I love peppermint and have tried many brands of peppermint herbal tea. Recently, I've been searching and purchasing products I don't know about on the internet, but this FRESH GREEN was very delicious. The scent of peppermint is very good, and it is incomparable to overseas herbal teas. I think you are particular about the material. The sourness of hibiscus is just right. My child doesn't like sour foods, so he couldn't drink it at first, but when he added honey, he said it tasted better. My favorite right now. (Female in her 40s)

I used to drink hibiscus and rosehip tea every day, but I got a little tired of it, so I was looking for something a little different, and I found Plantage's site. The picture was so beautiful and tasteful, so I was curious about what it tasted like, so I bought it immediately. It has a strong peppermint flavor and a nice scent. It goes well with the acidity of hibiscus. I found out that it is recommended in the morning as the store said. When I got sleepy in the afternoon, I drank it and woke up refreshed. One of my favourites! (Female in her 40s)

It was so delicious! Hibiscus is not tight! (Male in his 30s)

The sweet and sour taste is addictive! (Female in her 30s)


I often have trouble falling asleep due to work stress, so I always drink herbal tea because I want to relax. I used to buy foreign herbal teas at the supermarket, but I got a little tired of them, so I was looking online for something good, and I found this site. I felt that they were very particular about it, and the name "Moon Night" was also nice, so I bought it and it was delicious♪ It has a strong flavor and a strong scent of herbs♪ Chamomile is sweet, isn't it? There is also a sense of security because it is made by a pharmacist. I am happy to find a good shop. I will repeat from now on ♪ (Female in her 30s)

Drinking this herbal tea will make you feel so much better. The scent is sweet, but the taste is slightly bitter, and I think I like this bitterness. It's good to drink warm slowly before it cools down. I always get tired of being overly careful at work, so the gentle taste is soothing. (Female in her 30s)

This herbal tea is the most delicious and I like it! (Male in his teens)


It's full of roses and has a mellow sweetness that you can't say anything about. When I thought it was mixed with fragrance, I was surprised to hear that it was fragrance-free. I'm also happy that my favorite lavender is included. Very relaxing. Hibiscus has a lot of vitamin C, so it looks good for beauty. The color is also very beautiful, and girls who like roses will be excited ♪ (Female in her 30s)

The colors are so beautiful. It's a rose pink color, halfway between pink and red. The scent is rose and the taste is hibiscus. At first, I thought it was a little sour, but once I got used to it, it was just right. I feel like I'm doing something good for my body and beauty just by drinking it ♪ (Female in her 20s)


As I get older, it becomes harder to lose weight, so I go to the gym to lose weight. While paying attention to my diet, I was looking for something that could detoxify my body. I don't really like to take supplements, but I tried herbal tea because it's medicinal and good for the body. It has a strong herbal scent and is very delicious. The scent is a mixture of lemongrass and fennel, and it has a slightly peculiar taste, so you may have different tastes. I rather like it because it seems to have a medicinal smell. I think it's good for your stomach too. I feel like I can detox when I drink it. Even my husband, who usually doesn't drink herbal tea, says it's delicious. (Female in her 50s)

When you pour hot water, the sweet scent of fennel spreads with the scent of lemongrass. It's a nostalgic scent that I can't say anything about, and just smelling this scent makes me feel calm. When I drink this tea slowly after meals, my heart calms down and I am able to avoid overeating. I am happy to have found a nice herbal tea. (Female in her 40s)


I'm naturally cold, so I'm trying various teas. I don't know this brand, but I was attracted to the beautiful photos on Instagram and bought it. The taste of ginger and cinnamon is so strong that it is addictive. I like milk tea, so when I put it together, it turned out to be like chai, and it was a great answer! (Woman in her 20s)

The first thing that surprised me was that when I added hot water, the pot became cloudy due to the components that had oozed out from the herbs. That's all the ingredients come out well, isn't it? The scent was strong, and I could see that the herbs were condensed. It's a strange way of saying it, but I'm not stingy (lol) The taste is a bit like Chinese medicine. You may have different tastes. However, it seems that the pharmacist blends it, so I feel that they are particular about putting in good things. (Female in her 30s)



Aromatic medicinal tea STYLE

First of all, I like the scent of citrus and cardamom at the moment of opening. The brewed tea has the scent of ginger and fennel, and when you drink it, everything is harmonious and blissful. Oh, it's delicious. I love it. I can't believe I can express so much with the ease of tea bags! (Female in her 40s)
When I first drank pu-erh in Hong Kong, I thought it would go well with fatty dishes. This product contains pu-erh and black oolong tea. It feels like it removes all the fat in your mouth, and it's very easy to drink! (Female in her 40s)
It smells good anyway. The taste is also very easy to drink and delicious. It goes well with high-calorie dishes and sweets, and it's good for a change of pace when you want to take a break from work. The tea leaves themselves have a strong taste and aroma, and the medicinal taste is just amazing. It's clear that you care about quality. It's a tea that you can never buy at the supermarket! (Female in her 30s)
On Japan's largest order information site " Otoriyose Net ", herbal tea blend was selected as the number one "drink" ranking ! (Data collection period: August 17-23, 2021)