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Refreshing herb special feature of spring

Self-care now! Let's spend a refreshing and refreshing spring with helpful herbs

This season has come again this year. Itchy, chilly, irritated... Many people are likely to lose their concentration like this. Hakushon Daimao appeared on a grand scale! ? Here are some recommended herbal teas for this time of year.

Cool stimulus and comfortable deep breath [No 1 FRESH GREEN (fresh green)]

Delicious, easy to drink, herbal tea with peppermint

These 3 types of help herbs

(Left) Peppermint (Center) Hibiscus (Right) Lemon Balm

Peppermint <br> Peppermint that leads to a refreshing and refreshing feeling. Many people love mint tablets. Enriched with menthol, Peppermint is a cool stimulant to taste and smell, helping to clear even the most dizzy.

Hibiscus <br>Worried about the burden on your skin when wearing a mask? Hibiscus is synonymous with beauty herbs! The fresh sweet and sour taste is because it contains plenty of citric acid and malic acid. The red pigment is anthocyanin, which is known for removing rust. It purifies the circulation and supports glossy beauty from the inside.

Lemon balm <br>Lemon balm with a citrus scent similar to lemon and a very refreshing green flavor. My name is Melissa. Many of you may be familiar with Melissa essential oil. The essential oil components are citronellal, linalool, β-caryophyllene, etc. It brightens and lightens the dull and heavy impression that is easy to feel in early spring.

Take a deep breath of herbal steam

Pour hot water into it, and the refreshing scent will rise up. Bring your face close to the teacup, inhale the steam and take a deep breath. Warm steam reaches the back of your nose, giving you a refreshing and comfortable feeling. It's really aromatherapy.

PLANTAGE blends have a policy of not mixing too many different herbs. Of course, there are many benefits of mixing many herbs. The more types you blend, the easier it will be to reduce the peculiarities of herbs and make it easier to drink. On the other hand, at PLANTAGE, based on the idea of ​​drawing out the characteristics and strengths of each herb and enhancing each other synergistically, we carefully select the types and formulate them in consideration of a multifaceted approach. On top of that, it is finished with a delicious and easy-to-drink taste. 

A delicious, easy-to-drink peppermint herbal tea